Eloquii is one of those brands I have been watching for a while, but never quite brave enough to take the plunge and buy – possibly because as a premium brand, the risk is always a bit higher – a $40 ASOS fail doesn’t sting quite as much as a $150 dress fail right?

My end to end shopping experience was very pleasant; there were plenty of options for sales codes on the day I shopped, and I went with an option that essentially made my second dress free, which made the $25USD shipping completely worth it.    And my order turned up within 3 working days to my office in New Zealand.  Consider me impressed.

One of the things I really like about Eloquii is the fact they are independent and owned by the original creators of the brand.  This lends an integrity and point of difference to their brand, that is often missing in the semi-swell of plus size options that are appearing on the horizon (online at least).

Another thing that always impresses me is that their designs are always just a little bit different, a little bit flamboyant, the style may be classic but there will always be a design element that is not.    Also they have some awesome sizing options – viola for those with bigger hips and bums, and petite for you small statured plus size ladies.

Eloquii sizing runs between a US14-US24, and both items I purchased were a size US16, I possibly could have sized down due to scuba material of this particular dress but I think it’s beautifully cut and fits well as is.

Dress: Studio Flare Sleeve Dress in Plum, US16 – $99 (I paid $49 with a discount code I found online)



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