I feel as though it’s somewhat poetic that I am writing this on my due date wearing too big pajama bottoms & tank top because essentially when it comes to maternity clothing in plus size, we’re screwed.

It is important to note that I bought a whole bunch of shit I shouldn’t have because I FREAKED OUT that in this ever-changing body I would have nothing comfortable that also represented my personal style…and when you’re going through changes you have no control over, it’s nice to have something you DO have control over, like your clothing choices.

I have survived mostly in my stretchiest of pre-pregnancy clothing items and am feeling quite smug about my decision to only purchase items with stretch for the last year or so…but not too smug because like I said, I still bought shit I didn’t need. So let’s start by talking about sizing and how I approached looking for maternity wear:

  1. Plus size maternity items from the likes of Motherhood & Yours Clothing
  2. Standard maternity items where I sized up to often the largest available size (small fat privilege here) from the likes of Target, The Warehouse & Kmart
  3. Non-maternity plus size items with stretch in one-two sizes larger than my usual from the likes of The Warehouse, Kmart, Ezibuy, ASOS Curve, Boohoo
  4. Clothing I already owned in my pre-pregnancy size

Plus Size Maternity Clothing

Maternity clothing in plus sizes don’t appear to always offer afullsizee range and are often limited to non-numerical sizing. For example, at Motherhood you’re generally stuck with 1XL-3XL sizing (so three options) and are expected to shop your normal size. However some stores are more inclusive than others – Yours Clothing offers up to a UK32 in many items.

Motherhood Maternity Plus Size Denim Shorts

I attempted to buy these direct from Motherhood and had a pretty average shopping experience where they canceled my order and didn’t let me know despite proclaiming to offer shipping to New Zealand it seemed to be a big issue for them. So instead I used YouShop and grabbed these from Amazon. We’ve had an insanely warm summer here so these have been a fantastic purchase. They are available up to 3XL which isn’t particularly inclusive, and I wear a 1XL.

Yours Clothing -Super Stretch Skinny Jeggings

I’ve worn these jeans from 20 weeks to full term and they have been a great staple to have in my wardrobe. At 20 weeks they fit a little loosely around the hips and thighs but I grew into them.

Interestingly these jeggings are poorly reviewed on the Yours Clothing website when it comes to fit – they are DEF a skinny jegging so something to consider if you do happen to struggle with skinny jeans generally – however I followed the size chart and bought a UK size 20 (I am usually an 18) and I have no complaints about fit.

So a reminder to check the size chart out before buying and never buy your ‘usual size’ as there is no such thing because sizing is arbitrary!

Standard Maternity Clothing in Size 14+

I’ve mentioned this before on Instagram but I often have a look through the Maternity sections of Old Navy & Target while on vacation in the US or Australia because apparently plus size people only exist behind a computer and don’t deserve an in-store shopping experience…. so I happened to have a few maternity pieces that I regularly wore before pregnancy.

As a segway, before I went to the US in 2017, I emailed Old Navy and asked which of their stores stocked plus size in store in Arkansas, Texas & Tennesee… and they couldn’t tell me.

They told me to call the stores and ask. Isn’t that wild?

By wild I mean incredibly shit.

So Old Navy don’t stock plus size maternity but their standard sizes are reasonably generous. I bought XL/XXL in their last online sale and they are all too big for me, even at full term. I do tend to lean toward a fitted silhouette and I love me some bodycon however the bust gapes in this size so they are truly too large, which I don’t mind because I make it work by adding a shirt or tying the dress at the bottom to create the shape I want.

Old Navy Maternity Bodycon Dress 

Plus Size Clothing Options That Still Work for Maternity

I try reasonably hard to shop ethically but when it came to pregnancy that flew out of the window in favour of fast fashion that I knew would fit me and plug a hole in my wardrobe for the next wee while. And let’s not forget I have no idea what my post baby body will look like, so it’s not just about pregnancy!

As a size 18-20 I have the option to size up to a 20-22 in ASOS Curve & Boohoo, so purchased a couple of item I already owned, just in a larger size. Boohoo in particular gets a bit of a bad rap when it comes to sizing. I personally feel their size chart is accurate, and I stay away from their non-stretch items.

When I shared some of my purchases on Instagram (prior to receiving them) I had a few people message me doubting that the items would fit me. Once again it’s really important to shop the size chart… I find this feedback comes most often from women who refuse to buy anything other than the size they believe they are, and it’s a bit of a mindfuck for them to consider that in some brands they’ll need to shop a larger size.

I know anything in stretch jersey or rib at Boohoo is going to be very forgiving, so I can wear a 16-18. So I purchased size 20 and everything fit perfectly (and still does at full term).

Boohoo Plus Leopard Midi Dress

ASOS Curve Jersey Harem Trousers

I am not really a harem pant fan but when it comes to stretch jersey and a nice wide waistband, there aren’t many options that fit the bill like a harem pant! I bought these in an AU20 and they are very generous – I can almost fit another person in them! But that’s ok, they were intended for comfort over style and I wear them often and imagine they will be coming to the hospital with me!.

Additionally, I shopped a whole bunch of casual wear basics at Kmart & The Warehouse like standard basic tank tops & pajama bottoms in one-two sizes larger than my usual.

Emerge Linen Tee

So these aren’t technically plus size – they are part of the Emerge brand at Ezibuy which goes up to a 22. Ezibuy’s plus size brand, Sara, does have some linen t-shirt options but for some reason, they refuse to offer the same styles & colourways in their plus size brands as they do in their straight sizes.  Very irritating but they don’t seem keen to change that approach to their plus size offering.

I bought four or of these tees in different colourways in a size larger than usual. I plan to tie them up at the bottom once I’m not smuggling a basketball under my shirt.

Clothing I already owned in my pre-pregnancy size

So I am going to hazard a guess that this approach won’t work with a very fitted and non-stretch wardrobe, however, I wear a lot of stretch fabric and a lot of items continued to fit me all the way through pregnancy.

Also when it comes to my body shape I have largely grown a belly and not much else so a lot of my clothes still fit as long as they stretch across the bump.

Bamboo Body Ruched Tank Dress

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Bodycon 4 lyfe

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Belle Bird Textured Skirt (gifted)

And of course, something else to consider is that if you have appointments where your midwife or OB will require access to your belly, separates are good to have on hand and a soft stretch skirt can often be kinder on a sensitive baby bump than trousers. Whenever I’m having a scan I tend to go for this skirt with whatever t-shirt or shirt fits at the time. Lifesaver!

How did you manage (or how are you managing) with finding plus size maternity clothing?

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