I’m a 31yr old New Zealander who has just returned home to Auckland from Vancouver, Canada.   I began this blog in 2012 after I noticed a pattern of women approaching me, wanting to find out where I shopped and their unsure reaction when I said I almost exclusively shopped online.

Before moving to Canada in 2014, I firmly believed that it was my far-flung location near the bottom of the world that was the reason I needed to shop online for most of my clothes.  However, after a year in Vancouver, I have come to realise that lack of options for plus size women (particularly in brick and mortar stores) is not a geographical issue as much as a market issue.

The purpose of this blog is to share my findings, review online stores and give other women the confidence to use them.  My opinions are my own, and my reviews are honest – if I am reviewing gifted/supplied items I will indicate that upfront in my post.

My day job is working as a self-employed analyst, and I post a ridiculous number of #OOTDs on Instagram – come find me!